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Important Information regarding REGULATION of ZIPLINES in PA.

Universal Ropes Course Builders Inc.
ALL ZIPLINES in the Commonwealth of PA that are operated in facilities that are open to the public are REQUIRED to be REGISTERED and INSPECTED under the AMUSEMENT RIDE INSPECTION ACT (4 P.S. sec 401-419)

Dear <<First Name>>,
If you own or operate a zipline in Pennsylvania, this applies to you. Universal Ropes has concluded that the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture believes this requirement applies to MOST ziplines we service. EVEN those in retreats and non-profit camps. We are contacting you to advise you to become educated about the PA Amusement Ride Inspection Act.

Universal Ropes Course Builders has been working with the PA Department of Agriculture to clarify the interpretation of the Law. Our understanding of this process has been evolving daily. In the interim we have chosen to inform you, our clients about possible actions taken by the PA Department of Agriculture and to help you develop a strategy to deal with the law.

Through a special arrangement with the Pennsylvania Amusement Ride Safety Seminar we are in the process of developing an educational program which will allow zipline owners and operators to send staff who will receive training and testing which will allow them to get the proper credentials to perform the monthly checks required by this Law. This will happen at the upcoming Jumonville Challenge/Ropes Course Workshop on Tuesday, April 17, 2012.

In order to attend, you will need to Register for BOTH the PA Amusement Ride Safety Seminar and the Jumonville Workshop. The Jumonville Workshop Runs from April 16-19 and there will be MANY other educational opportunities there in addition to Practitioner Certification Opportunities. While you can register only for the Day for Tuesday at Jumonville, consider a longer stay for some other training, certification and/or fellowship opportunities. When you register for the PA Amusement Ride Safety Seminar, your registration fee of $179 will cover the eight hours of educational credits that will be provided on April 17 at Jumonville, AND it will also cover the cost of attendance for one additional day at the Fall or Spring PA Amusement Ride Safety Seminar held in Grantville, PA, where you must complete the additional eight hours of continuing education required to maintain your licensure. Through a special arrangement with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, participants who complete the eight hours of education at the Jumonville Workshop will be eligible to take the test for the Affiliated Limited Extreme Sports Licensure ($50 fee required). Those who pass the test will receive a temporary License conditional to completing the remaining eight hour educational requirement at the fall of spring workshop in Grantville, PA.

In order to comply with the PA Amusement Ride Inspection Act, Zipline owners in PA must:
  1. The ride must be from the list of approved rides in PA – if not already on this list, the ride approval process must accompany the ride owner’s ride registration application. Click here to request a copy of the process for Ride Approval by email. As it turns out – every zipline that is currently registered in the state had some site specific engineering, so currently every zipline is accepted on a case-by-case basis. This includes engineer’s certification and an operator’s manual.
  2. The owner must submit a ride registration application. (no fee)
  3. The owner must submit a certificate of insurance with the commonwealth of PA named as certificate holder.
  4. The owner must submit an inspection checklist as per ASTM F-24 standards.

Once the state issues a plate with the ride registration number, the owner must:
     1. Submit an affidavit of monthly inspection by a licensed PA ride inspector (anyone who passes a test and takes 16 hours of education can get this).
     2. Post the plate and signage about PA Laws.
     3. Perform and document daily pre-operational checks.
     4. Register the ride annually.  

Universal Ropes is in the process of registering our rides with the PA Department of Agriculture so that each client with a zipline WE built will not have to do this on a case-by-case basis. Folks who have ziplines built by another vendor or built on their own will have to go through the ride approval process outlined by the Department of Agriculture. I would encourage anyone with questions on this to contact Universal Ropes Course Builders.


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