JAC Camp

For an incredible week of fun, adventure, friendship and connecting with God… consider JAC Camp.Jesus Adventure Camp is in its 9th year at Jumonville and this year is the 22nd anniversary! We are again anticipating over 250 youth in 6th to 12th grade to come together for this Spirit-led event. Activities include: Morning Nugget, Tasters Choice, Pay It Forward, and Jumonville’s Ropes Course. You may register as an entire youth group or as an individual.


Our Speakers – Rod & Jill Windham

Rod & Jill

Rod and Jill will be our speakers again this year. They are a very dynamic couple and have a fun, engaging and relevant style of speaking that will impact hearts for eternity. With over 25 years of ministry experience in various roles within the church, they have an incredible ability to understand teen culture as well as make every teen feel that they have two new best friends. You will laugh, be challenged, and have your heart touched by their ministry. Check out their website at:


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