Bill Jacka

I have been going to Jumonville since I was a small child. My parents were very involved in church and as I grew up I was close with many of our Pastors.  My parents also became our Pastors’ support staff at camp.  There were many times we went to Jumonville on Sunday afternoons just to walk around. My parents spent part of their Honeymoon in Mary Cottage, and it’s always been a favorite family spot.

     When I was in High School I came to Summer Camp at Jumonville.  This is also where I received Christ as my Lord and Savior when I was 14.

      When I was about 22 my pastor, Rev Jack Moon, got me involved with the Christian Outdoor Education Board of the Annual Conference.   When Rev. Chuck Fowler came on as President I became Vice Chair and served in that capacity for 7 years.   I was also Chair of the Facilities Committee and at that time we were responsible for distributing about $350,000.00 a year for Maintenance. (Staff at some camps never liked when I showed up with our inspection team, However at Jumonville they were always ready with a list of needs.

       I worked with all 3 camps for 8 years and then came back for another 4 years as Facilities Chair when a vacancy occurred.  After a few years off the board, Kathy White, Ree Enlow, Larry and Jaye Beatty got me back involved with Jumonville.  We worked with summer camp Worship and a few events called Mountain Praise. During that time I was asked to be on the Jumonville Board, and many of the working committees.  

        Just a few years ago Lisa Leggett and I Co-Chaired the 75th Anniversary of the camp.  I also helped with the 50th Anniversary of the Cross.  Both of these events were exciting and meaningful.

         My background is in Architectural Design, Multi-Media and Event Production. For many years I worked, as a teen and adult, with our local church including 20yrs as a youth Leader with my Wife.   Currently I help with our Conference Youth and their events. Some being held now at Jumonville.

         For over 30 years I have worked with our Annual Conference events and have helped produce 3 General Conference and 6 Great Plains Conference Youth Events. I also had the opportunity to co-produce 2 United Methodist Women’s National Events.

         I love all our church camps but in short I love Jumonville as it is a home away from home for me.