Ladd Masek

Ladd met his wife, Nancy, at YAF in Pittsburgh. It was a young adult fellowship group with a long history at South Avenue Methodist Church in Wilkinsburg. Teachers from the North Hills would drive across town to meet Westinghouse engineers. Hint, Ladd was never a teacher. YAF had an extensive schedule of dances, theatre productions, and outings. One of the annual spring outings was a weekend at Jumonville in Washington Lodge – a dormitory at the time.

When they married, Uniontown was not on their radar. Later an opportunity to participate in a self-help, planned community did bring them to Uniontown. They joined Calvary United Methodist Church, met Larry and Jaye, and were in a Bible study with them. Jumonville became a place to relax and walk their dogs. They adopted two boys from the area, and Ladd decided to go back to school to become an accountant. Recently Larry asked Ladd to become a Jumonville Foundation board member.