Employment at Jumonville

Full Time Positions

We currently don't have any full time positions available.

Part Time Positions

We are hiring part time housekeepers!!!

Summer Positions

Every summer we hire about 30 different summer staff members. Positions are available every year and most are filled by persons who live on site at Jumonville in summer staff housing.

Full Time Positions

We currently don't have any full time positions available.  

Part Time Positions

We have several housekeeping positions available. Employees can expect 20-25 hours per week. Our perfect candidate is someone who is able to work independently as well as with a team to complete tasks. 

Call 724-439-4912 to inquire

Summer Positions

The following is a tentative summary of the positions that may be available for this summer’s staff. Specific positions will be structured as time changes and needs become apparent.

To live in the staff cabins at Jumonville and be a part of our summer staff, you must be at least 16 years old at the start of summer. Note that for some positions (ie. adventure staff, cabin counselors, HOPE camp staff, truck driver) you must be at least 18 or older.

Must be at least 18 years of age This position will have as their primary responsibility the actual hands on leadership of our Program groups and camps. Training will be provided in all disciplines of adventure programming. Maintenance and inventories of equipment will also be required. These persons will follow schedules as set up by the Ropes Course Supervisor in conjunction with the Program Coordinator.

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This position is responsible for working with camps and helping with their craft needs.  They will be based out of the craft shack and will work with deans to connect the camp theme with crafts that campers are making.  When they are not working in the craft shack they will be additional help in the office.  This position answers to the Program Coordinator.

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Day camp staff work with campers aged 5-12 from the local community. Staff work Monday through Friday. They are expected to participate in and lead a wide variety of activities. Training is available. 

Must be at least 18 years of age These people are responsible to the Program Coordinator. Primary work will be with a specialized clientele (mainly at-risk children through ages 17). Events are 6 days in length with debriefing meetings and paperwork due at the close of each event. 

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People in this position are responsible to the Food Service Supervisor to help with cookout, food, dish room, & dining room procedures. This position requires cleanliness and sanitation standards be maintained in the dining room, dish room, restrooms, and kitchen. Will also provide assistance in other areas as needed.

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This position requires certified lifeguards who will be responsible for pool maintenance and camper safety in the pool area. Work is under the supervision of the Program Coordinator. Swimming lessons and pool games in progression will be given as requested to both camp groups as well as the general public. WSI certification is not necessary, but highly desirable.

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Must be at least 18 years of age.  This person is responsible to the Program Coordinator.  This person will assist in creating the weekly schedules and communicating changes.  This position requires flexibility.

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Must be at least 18 years of age These people are responsible to the Program Coordinator. Primary work as cabin counselors in the regular summer camping program. They help lead Bible Studies & song leading and games and are consider as resource leaders in their program events. This is a six day a week, 24hr a day position. 

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This position requires the ordering of supplies and equipment necessary for the pleasant and efficient operation of the Snack Shop. Workers are responsible to maintain cleanliness, keep a regular inventory, as well as taking care of daily camper e-mail and maintaining a pleasant atmosphere in the snack shop. They work in cooperation with and under the supervision of the Coordinator of Guest & Retreat Services.

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This position may be an RN, LPN, Paramedic, Graduate Nurse or Student Nurse, who will be under the supervision of an RN. Primary responsibilities include medication administration and basic first aid during 6 days of camp each week with 1 day off (24 hours off-duty).

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This position is responsible for coordinating digital photographs of the various camp groups in action throughout the week & also for maintaining and daily updating the Jumonville web site. These persons develop weekly CDs using pictures of campers taken during activities of that past week. Copies of the CDs are made available for sale to campers. This group is also responsible for coordinating the A/V needs of the camps in session. This is a high pressure job and the persons holding it must be able to perform under pressure & deadlines and be able to work well together.

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Duties include driving cargo vans, pick-up trucks, and both full size and mini passenger vans. He/she is responsible to the Food Service Supervisor for picking up needed supplies, and the Maintenance Supervisor for setting campfires and maintaining trash cans. This person also works closely with the Office Manager picking up items from town that are needed by individual camp deans, running errands, and building campfires. This person must be at least 18 years of age for insurance reasons. 

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The worship team is responsible for preparing and leading the different worship services.  Musical experience and background in leading worship is preferred.  The worship team is also responsible for setting up and tearing down all equipment/AV needs for the services.  

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Applying for a Summer Position

Are you looking for a summer experience full of memories, friends, and making an impact? Did you know that God can use YOU to minister to children, youth and adults? Why not have it all? You can… as a member of Jumonville’s Summer Staff. Hundreds of young people have learned the value of working at a job/ministry/growth catalyst that is a summer at Jumonville. You will have the opportunity to grow, serve, and change lives for Christ! 

Plus, employers and colleges look favorably on a summer camp job experience on your resume’. We invite you to join the Jumonville Staff and make a difference this summer.


Jumonville is looking for young adults with:

• A confident Christian faith, showing evidence of active growth.

• A willingness to participate actively in the spiritual purpose of Jumonville.

• A willingness to demonstrate good work habits and acceptance of responsibilities.

• A positive self image and a good energy level.

• A willingness to be accountable to others, following guidelines established for daily work, group living, and personal conduct.

• FBI Fingerprint, Act 33, Act 34 clearances required for the safety of campers.

Open Positions

Must be at least 18 years old:

Counselors –  4 male positions, 4 Female Positions

HOPE Counselors -2 male positions, 2 female positions

Nurse, Nursing Student or Paramedic – 1 position

Adventure Staff-3 Positions

Program Support Staff-1 Position

Program Assistant-1 Position

Must be at least 16 years old:

Snack Shop – 2 position

Kitchen Help and/or Cookout Help – 3 positions

Floater (Gen. Staff) – 1 position

Lifeguard- 2 Positions

Craft Person/Office Assistant- 1 position

AV/Tech Staff-2 positions

Worship Team-3 Positions