People of faith need time and space away from the chaos of everyday life and the divisiveness of the world.


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The food at Jumonville is delicious!  You won't leave hungry. Chef Chris plans and prepares a menu that caters to the many groups we serve. Typical favorites include pancakes and sausage, eggs and bacon, chicken fajitas, hamburgers, and turkey. Salad bar, dessert and plenty of refills on cold drinks, and coffee, tea or milk are available.

If someone in your group has a special dietary need, PLEASE call the Jumonville office before your retreat to request special diets, such as food allergies, diabetic, and some gluten-free items.

Most of our cabins and lodges also have their own coffee makers, however, their is an additional cost for the supplies. Most groups bring their own coffee supplies. 

All of Jumonville’s lodging facilities have bathrooms attached directly to the bedroom areas so there is no need to walk down a hallway or to another bathhouse facility away from your lodging. Most of the bathroom facilities have showers rather than tubs. The Inn at Jumonville has tub shower units.

All of Jumonville’s lodging facilities also have refrigerators & coffee makers (although you need to provide your own coffee and coffee filters).

If you are not sure which facility might best suit your group,  go here!

Imagine Your Retreat at Jumonville


Youth Groups

Young people are surrounded with pressure coming at them from so many angles. Time away with peers and trusted adults can help them get centered and renewed.

Plus, a youth retreat at Jumonville is just plain fun! Besides our youth-friendly housing facilities, and good food, there are countless on-site activities for all ages!

Family Groups

When families take time away together, they connect better, share stories, and make new memories. 

Jumonville has numerous facilities that serve small and large family groups.

adult child

The Jumonville Area

Jumonville is a beautiful place to explore! 

Plus, the surrounding area has tons of options for activities and off-site fun!