Kevin Haley

Rev. Kevin Haley is Senior Pastor of First United Methodist Church in Clarion PA. He is a graduate of Mercer High School (where he once put a cow on the second floor), Grove City College as a communications major with an emphasis in theater and speech (no livestock involved there!) and also a graduate of United Theological Seminary. Kevin has been blissfully married to his wife Amy for 34 years and is the father of two sons: Chris (married to Julie) and Greg. Kevin has been involved in Christian camping since attending Wesley Woods and Jumonville as a child and youth. He served as a volunteer counselor at Camp Allegheny’s extended horse program for over 10 years and also had served on their board of directors. Currently, he is on the board of directors for Wesley Woods, and is a co-dean with a zany bunch of fellow middle-aged pastors and incredibly talented and created young women for CAT Camp! His personal ministry statement is this: to know Christ and to make Him known!