Melissa (Schroder) Dorosh

Melissa grew up coming to Jumonville every year, and loved camp so much she always dreamed of being a counselor. Her dream came true in the summer of 2002 and continued for the next four summers when she worked on Program Staff and Hope Staff, and as a dean. (After graduating college, Melissa got married and moved to New Mexico. She missed coming to Jumonville but always knew she’d be back.) Now Melissa lives in Trafford, Pennsylvania, and is excited to come back again to Jumonville this summer! She enjoys being on the worship team at her church, playing sports, and being a wife to Zack and a mom to Max and Lily. Melissa thanks God for her experiences and the staff at Jumonville – they have helped mold her into the person she is today, and she can’t wait to share in the summer camp experience with a new group of campers.