Rev. Sharon Hamley

Jumonville has been a big part of Sharon’s life, it has played a big part in helping her to become a minister in the United Methodist Church. Being the daughter of a pastor, going to one of the church camps was pretty much a given. Jumonville was the camp of choice. Sharon spent many nights sleeping in the cabins under the glow of the cross. As she grew older she became a counselor for one of the camps and eventually she ended up working one summer in the dish room. Spending all that time under the cross helped in growing Sharon’s faith and it helped her to hear the calling to ministry. Now Sharon is an ordained elder and serves at the New Florence United Methodist Church. She has a husband who deans a wilderness camp and she has two kids who are almost at camping age. Jumonville has given Sharon a lot of memories and she is very excited to help other little ones make their own memories of camping on the mountain under the cross.