Bishop’s Cabins

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Bishops Cabins

Luccock, Simpson, Smith, and Thoburn are the names of our four Bishop’s Cabins. Each of the T- shaped cabins contain a small lounge (with small refrigerator) and have 3 bathrooms and 3 carpeted bedrooms. The two side bedrooms have a single bed and 4 loft beds and the back bedroom has 3 loft beds.

Sleeping accommodations: 24 in each cabin

96 total for all four cabins

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[blockquote cite=”Retreat Leader” type=”left”]Facilities are amazing and the staff was very accommodating and easy to work with. Jumonville is the perfect place to go for a weekend retreat.[/blockquote]

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Location Details

  • 12 Bedrooms

  • 44 Upper Beds

  • 52 Lower Beds

  • 12 Bathrooms