Rescue Basket Teambuilding Course

The Rescue Basket Teambuilding course is one of the newest additions to Jumonville’s extensive Challenge Ropes Course. It utilizes a “rescue basket” that would be used to transfer an injured person from a cave, rock climbing area, or other rough terrain where a vehicle would not be able to be used. The rescue basket is used to transfer a “patient” through an extensive on the ground set of initiatives that are built out of used utility (telephone) poles. Younger campers don’t transfer another camper. They may transfer a stuffed animal or some other object. Older campers will actually transfer another team mate.

This challenge course is ideal for exploring team building principles with almost any population. Participants will be able to hone team building skills such as listening, leadership, planning and communication while embarking on an adventurous and challenging mission. Although simple looking in design, the action and learnings that occur represent some of the most dynamic group initiatives in the adventure education field.

Activity Details

The Rescue Basket Teambuilding Course is one of the newest additions to our extensive challenge ropes course facilities.

Events with Rescue Basket Teambuilding Course