Adventure Center Bouldering Room

The middle room in the Ben Cromer Adventure Center measures 35′ x 40′ and has 12 foot high side walls. There are climbing walls on all four walls with varying angles and levels of difficulty. These “bouldering” walls are used to teach the basics of rock climbing and can easily handle groups of 30 or more (although individual groups are normally between 15-18 participants). Helmets, harnesses and ropes are not needed as the participants pair up with another participant who serves as a “spotter.” In addition to the “bouldering” activities, the room is used for “off the wall” activities (lead up activities to help stretch out a group and get the ready to start climbing) as well as portable initiatives that help a group with team-building and problem solving.

Activity Details

Our bouldering room includes a series of activities to help the participants prepare for climbing even before they get on the wall.


Events with Adventure Center Bouldering Room